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Title  Three decades of electronic manufacturing Rongguang
Long long way our reporter reported the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen, Dongguan, the well-known name, in Chinese electronics manufacturing in the territory of the important position, how to say can not be overemphasized - as early as 2005 to the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province as the main body of electronic information industry output value to take the lead in more than one trillion yuan mark.
From three to one meeting to the shop in front and factory, and then to industrial upgrading, to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places, as represented by the Pearl River Delta Electronics Manufacturing realize the real leaps and bounds. 30 years, the PRD has become the unquestionable world-class electronics manufacturing base. Carefully trace one of the tracks, down a clear sequence of industrial upgrading Electronics discernible.
Or speak with your figure: the manufacturing sector in the country ranking of information, Guangdong in 1980 for the first 10, in 1984 promoted to No. 3 in 1990 and jumped to first from 1991 to 2007 for 17 years to maintain the first spaces.
Look at one set of figures: reform and opening up, Guangdong's electronic information industry, industrial output in 1980 was only 415 million, and in 1990 reached 10.744 billion yuan, from 100 million to 100 billion yuan spent 9 years; from 100 billion yuan to 5000 the 3 billion more than a year; from 5000 million to 1000 billion yuan spent only 2 years!
The wheel of history is about to come in 2008, including the Pearl River Delta Electronics manufacturers, including "Made in China" also came to a new node. The global financial crisis caused by external demand slowdown, exchange rates, labor, and other factors have led to the increase in costs, to name just a test of the PRD's future.
30-year cycle of the Pearl River Delta Electronics Manufacturing China's reform and opening of the "coordinates" industry, began work on a new face of the multiple-choice.
Electronics manufacturers unprecedented energy excitation
Up to now, by sticking outward Driven Driven strategy and information technology strategies, and actively undertake the transfer of global electronic information industry, the Pearl River Delta and give full play to complementary advantages of industrial clusters, forming a communications equipment manufacturers, home audio-visual equipment manufacturers, computer manufacturers and electronic four major components manufacturing sectors with a competitive edge.
Shenzhen, Dongguan industrial corridor to bring together the world's almost over九成computer industry giants, the output of desktop computers accounted for more than 50% of the world, computer heads, chassis and semi-finished products accounted for 40% of the global market. Computer machine spare parts needed for the production of more than 95% in Dongguan and one fully.
PRD also emerged Huawei, ZTE, TCL, the United States and some other famous brands at home and abroad, began to occupy the important foreign 3G and consumer electronics markets.
At an early stage in order to fill three to one characterized Electronics manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the transformation of manufacturing industry are the driving force behind the development of one of the Pearl River Delta.
"In the last century 80's, Taiwan's relatively small size of the factory to expand the energy limited; At the same time, Taiwan's labor shortage. China has a lot of land and cheap labor." October 11, 2008, Shenzhen Taiwan Association Huang Mingzhi reporter in an interview, so that when the business relocated to the Pearl River Delta region background.

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